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Student Dress Code

Dress for Success Lehman High School 2015-2016

The goal of the dress code at LHS is to facilitate an environment that maximizes safety, minimizes distraction, focuses attention on learning, and demonstrates pride in personal appearance and our campus. We care about the education of our students!


  • Shirts must be long enough so as NOT to expose the midriff during normal school activities, including bending, reaching, sitting, and stretching 
  • Shoulder straps must be at least two inches wide 
  • NOT ALLOWED: tank tops, strapless tops, mesh/see-through shirts, low necklines, backless shirts, large arm holes, spandex, tight-fitting tops 

Bottoms (shorts, skirts, pants)

  • Must be worn at the hips at all times never exposing undergarments 
  •  Shorts/skirts must be no shorter than the fingertips when arms are extended at sides OR mid-thigh (whichever is longer)
  •  Slits in skirts must be no higher than the fingertips when arms are extended at sides or midthigh (whichever is longer) 
  • NOT ALLOWED: boxer or exercise shorts, pajama pants, leggings worn as pants


  • NOT ALLOWED: caps, visors, head coverings, hoods, du-rags, bandanas, sweatbands, sunglasses

Footwear Shoes:

  • Must be worn at all times NOT ALLOWED: slippers/house shoes, steel inserts, taps, cleats, or any type of metal, plastic, or rubber devices which may cause damage to the floor or create a disturbance



  • Must be visible above the waist at all times


  • Garments must be in good condition: no holes, rips, cuts, or tears 
  •  Undergarments may not be worn as outer garments Undergarments may not be visible 
  • Hair should be clean, neat, well-groomed, and not cause a disruption to the educational setting 
  • No more than two of the same color may be worn at a time 
  • NOT ALLOWED: items that depict drugs, alcohol, gang affiliation, tobacco, weapons, nudity, death, violence, vulgar/obscene language or images and/or insults to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, chain-like necklaces, spikes, wallet chains, oversized clothing 

As fashion changes, school administration reserves the right to adjust dress code standards to maintain a safe and positive learning environment.