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Summer Reading for Secondary Students

Purpose for 2017 Hays CISD Summer Reading Communication:

  • Hays CISD would like to provide the community with information about secondary summer reading for English, Language Arts and Reading, as well as, Social Studies courses for the summer of 2017.
  • Please use the 2017 Hays CISD Summer Reading Community S’more and 2017 Hays CISD Summer Reading Community Information Sheet to discover more specific information about secondary summer reading in Hays CISD.
  • The Department of Curriculum and Instruction will continue to provide summer reading support to the community with the S'more newsletter (linked above) throughout late spring and summer of 2017. 
  • Campuses will communicate with students and parents and/or guardians about summer reading texts and assignments, because texts and products are specific to each secondary campus.

What is the Hays CISD philosophy behind summer reading?

  • In Hays CISD, the purpose of summer reading is to encourage independent reading at all levels through reinforcing comprehension skills and exposing students to a broader view of the world which will develop students as critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

What does academic research say about summer reading?

  • Summer reading is the singular activity that is most strongly and consistently related to preventing academic loss during the summer. 
  • Reading during the summer alleviates summer loss and when schools ask students to write about a book they read during the summer, this increases the chances of the book being read. 
  • Students that participate in summer reading programs which utilize student selected books and teach comprehension strategies to increase a student’s understanding grow academically.


2017 Hays CISD Summer Reading Community S’more: 

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