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Culinary students study, feast at Franklin BBQ

Culinary students study, feast at Franklin BBQ

Lehman High School Culinary teacher Ryan Georgi and his LHS and HHS Culinary II students are best known for their predictably incredible food creations. The same goes for HCISD's Chef Bryant Currie. But it was Georgi, Bryant, and those so-appreciated students who recently got the chance to learn about the process--then partake of the results-- at Austin's now-famous Franklin BBQ. And none other than owner Aaron Franklin hosted the group (and HCISD CTE Director Suzi Mitchell), providing hands-on, up-close views of the magical things happening at his iconic establishment.


Franklin talked to the HCISD students about work ethic, problem-solving, cooking brisket (of course), and starting out small, then took questions. He noted the doors open at 10:59 and remain open until the meat is gone. Mitchell noted the day the students were there, everything was sold by noon. (photos by and courtesy of Suzi Mitchell)

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