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Star Strutter Officers Bring Home Camp Honors

Star Strutter Officers Bring Home Camp Honors

It's become a tradition--Lehman High School's Star Strutter officers go off to summer camp and come home with multiple awards and honors. The tradition renewed itself this summer, with the group's Dance Officers and Social Officers attending the CrowdPleasers Officer Camp at Horseshoe Bay and hauling home trophies to mark the experience! The Barbara Stangler-sponsored (assisted by sponsor Donye Curry) group included Dance Officers Evey Ramirez, Mimi Carr, and Miranda Gonzalez, that group earning the Conquer Award and the Home Routine Award; the Lobo representatives also included Social Officers Carolina Vargas, Karissa Tagle, Savannah Perez, and Riley Appel, that group honored with the camp's Overall Social Officer Award! (photos courtesy of Barbara Stangler)

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